Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Well I always say I am going to get better at posting and I do, but then I slack off again.
I have to be honest and say I use instagram more than anything else and that  probably explains the lack of posts.

 I love how this girl keeps me smiling.She will do the goofiest things at the exact time they are needed.

It's firepit season! We love gathering the neighbors and letting the kids stay up late and keep warm from the fire.

This boy is so tenderhearted. He wanted to get a beauitful bouquet of flowers for his teacher for her  birthday because she loves flowers. He melts my heart.

So I am now just starting to learn to french braid. This was my first real braid,but I still think I need to learn a few more steps.

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Have a great Tuesday

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throw back Thursday

I thought I would post a few pictures since it is TBT. I had another post all written out, but having issues for some reason, so hopefully this one works.
Every June we go back to Ohio to my parents house to visit. My kids enjoy so much visiting with Nana papa. Every year we go back to the parkwhere growing up we would go all the time and we visit the waterfall and take a picture.
It is crazy how much the kids change in just a year.







Monday, March 17, 2014


This past Sunday, Ryan and I witnessed such a touching moment. Our older two always talked about getting baptized, but we were not sure if they really understood what it meant to be baptized. We wanted them to make the decision on their own.
It's one if those moments that brings tears to the eyes and your heart pounds out of enjoyment and excitement and happiness knowing Jesus is smiling down.
I was such a proud mama and am so greatful they made their own choice and they used the influences of us and Sunday school and Awana's.
One of the best days ever.

I am having trouble with YouTube right now , so just click on the link to watch it.

Have a great Tuesday


Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend and girls getaway

This weekend I did something I have never done before. I went in a overnight trip with the small group girls. I have never been away from Ryan or the kids overnight before so this was new for me.At first I was a little anxious, but once we got on the road and starting chatting, I was getting more relaxed and enjoying the non interrupted conversation.
We enjoyed shopping and eating and just fellowshipping. It's awsome to know that I have that group of friends that believe the same I believe and are godly women. I am so glad I did it and I see myself doing it once a year and feeling relaxed from having no obligations and no worries.
I was excited to get home to see my hubby and babies.

This was a pretty nice fruity drink.


Friday, March 7, 2014

InstaFriday .

I love Instagram so much and I know I do more of IG than blogging. So much faster.

Zulily had Toms in sale and I got these cuties for Kaelis. The box was so small.

Last Sunday we had a lazy day and the sleeping bags came out and the popcorn was popped for a family movie day.

I have the best parents of the kids I teach. I love the middle of the afternoon pick me ups. Just what I needed.

Doing some homework while waiting for sister at the dentist. Those appts take such a long time when I have to entertain 2 kids.

We made a Dr. Seuss snack for his birthday . Recipe up on blog soon.

These 2 gamers. Like father like son.

Have a happy instagramer weekend.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fresh start

March is always the beginning of thinking of warmer weather. The snow and ice is always more welcoming in December than in March. We just about 3 inches fall and was bitter cold and it was so hard to think that it was March 1st.
I always look forward to the first spring like warm day and then the next and the next. I look forward to seeing the tulips bloom, speckles of green through the brown grass and the buds on trees.
I am getting so anxious to see all those things.
I think about freshness and starting fresh with a new season.
I get happy and forget about winter. Fresh possibilities .... Fresh start.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend and Influenza

Our week started off pretty downhill. I started to have a cough on Wed and really did not think anything of it. So Thursday morning I was feeling a little worse and by Thursday afternoon I was shivering so much my knees hurt.
I knew at this point I must have a fever. I had my winter coat inside and still was cold. I decided I needed to take my temperature and it was 102.9.
I took some Advil and that got me through the evening. Friday morning I thought I felt better,but when I got up and around, I had no energy at all. I mean, it was to much work to take my pajamas off.
I canceled kids that day and layed on the couch the entire day . I hardly got up to get a drink and them I become dehydrated.
My fever was up to 103.5 and I was shivering non stop.
I went to bed early and when I woke up Sat morning, my shirt was drenched and I knew my fever broke.
Finally I was feeling better, but wanted to go the Doctor just incase I needed medicine . At this point the Doctor knew I had influenza ,but the worst was over . I hoped so! I just have a lingering cough that will not go away.,but otherwise feel human again.
Let me just say that I was never one to get a flu shot,nor my kids one, but after experiencing what I did, we all will be getting one !

The rest of Saturday was spent watching Kendric play BB and running errands we were behind on because of my sickness.
Saturday night Nascar started so we watched that.
Sunday we went to church and heard an awsome sermon.
I love weekends when we do not have to rush around .

How was your weekend?