Saturday, December 20, 2014

I am blank....

I had done this awhile ago and honestly the answers are still pretty much the same.

I am weird because....

I cannot sleep with socks on
I need the sheets to be cold
and the pillow to be cold

I love to vaccum
I get excited when I see the mail truck,
even if there is not "good mail"
I need the beds  to be made everyday to 
continue my day.

I am a bad friend because

 I may not always remember birthdays
I am bad at returning phone calls or keeping in touch
with distance friends
I do not make a effort to get together

I am a good friend because

I would stop what I was doing to help the
I would watch their kids in a heartbeat, eventhough I watch kids
everyday for my job
I would bring them dinner at anytime

I will listen
I will give

I am sad because...
My family lives far away
I get impatient with my children
I feel money makes me happy sometimes
I have to work fulltime
some dreams did not come true

I am happy because

I have a wonderful family
I have a wonderful husband
I have a house 
I have wonderful friends
I have amazing  children who teach me to grow everyday.

 These boots make me squeal with Joy! I have patiently waiting to find just the perfect snow boots and after the snow yesterday, I was more motivated to find them. These cuties popped up in Facebook and I grabbed them up. They only had 2 sizes left and one was mine.
Snagged them up and they were on super sale.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

8 can taco soup

This soup is so good and so easy to make. I love crockpot meals. I prep everything the night before and then plug it in and I am finished. 

                   Ingredients :
                   1(15oz) can black beans 
                    Drained and rinsed
                    1(15oz) can pinto beans 
                     Drained and rinsed
                      1(15oz) can diced tomatoes  
                      1(15oz) can sweet corn drained
                        1 (12.5) I used 2 cans of chicken breasts 
                         1can (green enchilada sauce)
                          1can chicken broth 
                           1 packet taco seasoning 

                Spray the slow cooker with cooking spray .
 Pour all the ingredients and cook on low for 2-3 hours


What is your favorite crock pot meal?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crayon initial

Since I did a post on teacher gifts , I thought I would share what I did a few agos. Thinking about making it again. 

This was a old post so the arrangment is not like they are on.
This year I decided I was going to make the my daughters preschool teachers a gift. I think it means more when there is thought put into it. I saw Crayon Letters on Pinterest and decided that is what I decided to make.

  * A big box of new crayons(or old)
  * A picture frame. I used a 8x10 one.
   * Glue. I just used Elmers Glue
   *White or colored cardstock
    *pencil and knife

 I First printed out a Letter M Printout to place the crayons on for practice and then one for the frame.
   I used a letter M with rounded edges,might be better to use one with square edges.
I started arranging them and deciding where I need to cut the crayon.

then took a pencil and marked where I needed to cut the crayon at.

I then added glue. It takes a few mins to dry so if you need to arrange some crayons you can.

   Then I began placing the crayons and figuring out what length to cut them and which way I wanted them to go. I had my daughter help me, so not sure it is exactly how I wanted it,but it is a 4 year old oringinal!
Here is the finished one. Not sure it is my favorite,but like I said I wanted my 4 year old to be involved. 
If you were a preschool teacher, would enjoy this?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teacher gifts

Since this is our last week before Christmas break, I thought I better get moving on getting teacher gifts. I have 4 teachers to buy for and that can really add up.

As a teacher myself I always enjoyed getting gift cards and that is so simple and easy. 
 I always think the way they are presented makes it even better to give it. 
Last year I gave a gift card in a mason jar and turned it into a snow globe .
 This year I want to do something different. 

I love this idea a lot. I know I enjoyed getting school supplies too. Now only to find a box like this in 4 days. Ha! 

I like these just plain and it is so easy to do. 

I have some other great ideas pinned on my board. 

What  kinds of gifts do you give teachers or like to recieve as a teacher?

Monday, December 15, 2014


Happy Monday.. Hope you all had a great weekend. We had one of those weekends that we only had one thing going one. That is a rare occasion in our house . 
 I could feel myself just relax because we did not have places to go at all different times. 


Yesterday was so warm out for December so we took advantage and spent the afternoon outside playing basketball, tag. I just wanted my kids to run off the energy they all of a sudden accumulated.

My heart melts when I see Kendric enjoying sometime with Kaelis. It does not happen very much, but when it doesn't just hugs my heart.

I wanted to document more of 12-13-14 , but this is what I got.

 That is it folks, not very many happenings. 

What did you this weekend? Did you document 12-13-14?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ribbon lights

 I have been wanting lights on my railing, but without the garland. I love garland. I hate the mess it comes with.
 This took me about an hour from start to finish. 

White lights with a white wire.
 Christmas Ribbon, about 4/5 rolls of different sizes. 

  I cut about 1/2 inch pieces and cut them at an angle to keep from fraying.
 I just tied the ribbon around the wire in no pattern and done! Told ya it was easy and it was cheap. You might even already have the supplies laying around, which would even make them cheaper... Free!

I spy a cat ready to tackle the lights.

There you have it! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I am not sure about you , but I just recently introduced to these very cute houses. I may have  always admired the houses, but really did not know the name.
This is in my list of  DIY's. I wold live to keep them out all winter, maybe on top of my cabinets.
I ask myself, do I think they will turn out as good as the pictures? Probably not, but I want to try.
I love the church.
How cute is this? I can just imagine , making a whole little town of these.
I have some more cute ones on my Putzhouse board on Pinterest.

Has anybody made these?